It’s my favorite time of the week – time for Friday Favorites, which means you and I have both made it through another week!  So, this week I want to share two new drinks with you – both healthy, of course!  So actually one is healthy and the other is more of a grey area, depending on who you ask!

First, the coconut water:

zico coconut water
Dark Chocolate Coconut Water

A few months ago when I joined a gym, the trainer suggested that I start drinking coconut water either during workouts, or immediately following workouts.  I was having trouble with dehydration and apparently, coconut water is good for that.  So, I tried it out…and it was gross.  I tried a few different flavors and a few different brands, but always the same result – watered-down, like terrible Kool-aid that was somewhat rotten from being in the fridge for too long.  Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but I certainly wasn’t a fan.

However, this past week when I went for the usual grocery run, I picked up a few coconut waters to have during the week to stay hydrated.  Side note to this story: one of the things the neurologist warned against when trying to prevent another hemiplegic episode (i.e. mini stroke), was being dehydrated.  So, for those readers that have migraines, be sure to stay hydrated as a way to prevent the onset of another migraine.

Back to the original story, I accidentally grabbed coconut water that was the flavor of dark chocolate.  I was somewhat unhappy with my choice until I tasted it – it’s great!  If you like 2% chocolate milk, then I think you will like this coconut water.  Thus, this is clearly the healthy drink to get you through the week!

Second, Maker’s 46:

And on to the not so healthy drink.  However, in my opinion and even in the opinion of some of my doctors, drinking is a good thing (when done in moderation, of course).  If you notice that your migraine, or your life, could use a cocktail or two to ease the anxiety of the week, then I highly recommend drink number two.  Note, however, that drink number two should be used throughout the week with enough drink 1′s above so that you can stay hydrated!

And, here’s the recipe for drink 2:

Option 1: Go to your local bar and request “Makers 46 and ginger.”  In the event that they don’t have the Maker’s 46 (which is very possible because most bars only have Maker’s Mark), then move to option 2: make your own cocktail!

Step 1: the glass

the glass

Step 2: the ice

the ice

Step 3: the ginger ale

the ginger ale

and, Step 4: the Maker’s 46

And, the good stuff - Maker's 46

And there you have it, mix it all together and you have a yummy cocktail to finish your week!  Even if you don’t love bourbon, I encourage you to give it a try…you might just like it!

Stay tuned for MigraineMe Monday and more, but until then, cheers!