Happy Friday friends, family and faithful blog readers!  Last Friday, MigraineMe friend Rich, MigraineMe Roommate and I met up after work and went to Picca, a Peruvian Cantina in West Los Angeles.  For those of you who don’t know what Peruvian cuisine entails, neither did I really, but it’s delicious.  It’s similar to Spanish cuisine, and at Picca, there is a twist to every entrée, which makes it a blast.

at Picca in West LA

Situated on Pico in West Los Angeles, Picca is a two-story restaurant with both traditional tables and communal tables, as well as plenty of bar seating.  The downstairs is fairly loud, but the upstairs is quiet and quaint.  The service is phenomenal - I am not sure I have ever had a server more excited to serve the food, to tell me about the entrées and to sit down and chat with me about the establishment.  Even better, the dishes are small, so we shared it all and tried a dab of this and a dab of that. 

 So many options to choose from…

Menu at Picca in West LA

the main events:

at Picca in West LA

at Picca in West LA

at Picca in West LA

and you can’t forget the desserts:

at Picca in West LA

at Picca in West LA

at Picca in West LA

Thanks for reading this week!  I’m off to work, and then it’s time for the weekend!  I’ll be watching my cousins from Arizona at a cheer competition, hitting up the gym and hopefully resting and relaxing a bit.  See you back on Monday for Migraine-Free Monday, but until then, have a good weekend and be well!

Happy Thursday friends!  So there are just some days that are productive at work and there are just others that are not.  Wednesday was one of those days that was on the not so productive side for me.  But I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles some days.  The highlights from the day are as follows:

A sweet treat:

A young and eager chef/a co-worker’s cute son baked gluten-free cupcakes for one of the girls at work and I just so happened to be the lucky beneficiary of one – thank you, Ryder! 

Ryder - Santa Barbara

 gluten-free cupcake

A yummy lunch:

 For lunch, a 2L from Pepperdine came by to join me for lunch and to learn a little more about where I work and the day-to-day practice of law as a first-year.  It was fun to talk about the benefits of where I work, and it was nice to be candid about the importance of work-life balance and finding a firm that’s really a good “fit” for you.  Even better, we went to one of my Hermosa Beach favorites, the Gum Tree.  Though it was a little chilly, they had the heaters on, so we sat in the sun, ate a quick bite, had a diet coke and chatted away the lunch hour. 

 at Gum Tree, Hermosa Beach 

at Gum Tree, Hermosa Beach

Doctor Update:

In the past few days, I have talked to a few different readers who are pregnant and I am so excited for them, but there’s a BUT.  The readers I have spoken to have been experiencing problems with migraines…while pregnant!  First and foremost, my thoughts to the readers who are experiencing such trouble at such a wonderful time in their lives.  Second, this brings up another topic – migraines and hormones.  I have talked to many doctors who have expressed that there is connection between migraines and hormones.  I have changed birth control and we have recognized hormones as a potential corollary to my migraines, but we have never fully explored the extent of the problem.  So, time to further explore the issue.  I scheduled my first consultation for April 11 with a specialist.  The problem with these specialists – most do not take insurance.  However, the cost might be outweighed by the benefits and it’s worth a shot.  Stay tuned as I learn more in the coming months! 

Ok, off to work for a more productive day than yesterday!  Happy Thursday and tune in tomorrow for my favorite posting day of the week – Friday Favorites!  Until then, be well! 

It’s Friday and it’s time for Friday Favorites!  Today’s Friday Favorite is the Brentwood, in….Brentwood!  MigraineMe Roommate and I have been in the past for dinner and about a month or so ago, we started going for drinks occasionally.  But, to celebrate my first appearance (only by telephone, but an appearance nonetheless), MigraineMe Roommate took me out to dinner at the Brentwood (thank you, Roommate!).

Setting the Scene:

The Brentwood is dimly lit, with leather booths and white table clothes.  The bar area is divided off from the restaurant with a standing bar and walkway – great for standing and chatting with a glass of wine while you await your table.  When we went on Tuesday, the restaurant was full – not an empty table – yet fortunately for us, there were two empty bar stools awaiting our arrival at the bar.

The Food:

We started with red wine.  MigraineMe Roommate went with the Malbec and I went for the Chianti Classico.  We split a Burrata Caprese Salad and Eggplant Rocca Reggian to begin.  Hello, yummy olive oil lightly dripped over smooth, melt-in-your-mouth burrata cheese.  I could have had this dish three times over, and again.

Burrata Caprese salad

Eggplant Rocca Reggian

The benefit of sharing – you get to try a little more of everything!

Sharing for Two

For the main meal, salmon with a delicious pesto sauce, roasted veggies and potatoes.

Main Event: Salmon and Grilled Vegetables

Post-meal, we moved to our favorite – Port and dessert.  For dessert, flan with raspberries atop, and two ports to share!


A lovely meal and certainly a Friday Favorite!

Stay Tuned for Next Week:

And for next week, stay tuned for more updates on migraines, more about making it through life with migraines and other chronic illnesses and preparations for a weekend getaway to San Francisco!  Until then, have a great weekend and let’s turn to you for the question of the day: have you ever tried port?  If not port, have you ever tried any other after dinner drinks or cocktails?  Or, alternatively, do you prefer something like coffee or tea after a big, yummy meal?

MY ANSWER: Ever since my stay in Portugal last summer, I am hooked on Port.  I used to love White Russians, but I have changed it up to ports.  In the alternative, sometimes I also just enjoy a cup of tea of coffee, particularly tea when I have had too much to eat! :)