It is Hot Hot Hot!  When I left LA it was around 68 degrees and not a bit humid.  I arrived in St. Louis and oh boy is it hot and humid!

the arch

I arrived in St. Louis this afternoon, before the rest of the family arrived.  So, I got settled in at the hotel and all set up to continue the work I started on the flight.  Laptop set-up and mini office up and going.  I took a break and headed down the block to grab a little late lunch at a local spot and I took in a few sites along the way.  There was something a little relaxing about a quiet afternoon by myself!

Caleco's for Lunch

St. Louis

St. Louis

I am anxiously working and awaiting the rest of the family’s arrival.  Hope your Friday is going well and your weekend is off to a good start!  What’s on tap for your weekend?  Anything planned or maybe a little sunshine and relaxation?

  • Mandy

    Have a great time and don’t get too sunburnt!

    • MigraineMe

      Thanks, Mandy!  How are you feeling?  Any better on the low-carb diet or still the bad migraine?  Hope you have a good weekend! 

  • Kim

    You are in our favorite city Bonnie!!!  Well, besides San Diego!!!  Hope St Louis can win these games!!  Go to Zia’s on the Hill for a great meal…  it’s worth it and you can ask about seeing boyhood homes of a few baseball greats!

    • MigraineMe

      Thanks for the recs, Kim!  Hope you are doing well!  I’ll see you again soon when I am in KC, but take care until then! :)